What sliding trays do we offer?

Make your job easier

Ready made solution

70% extension
450 kg surface load

Custom made

up to 80% extension
up to 1,000 kg surface load

Truck bed slide

Surface load 450 kg, extension 70 %

A sliding tray designed for pickups or vans significantly improves access to stored equipment. Loading and unloading material is easy, safe and fast thanks to the sliding tray. You’ll never have to climb into the back of your pickup truck to access your gear again.

The sliding tray moves on durable bearings. Control is easy, you can move the tray smoothly without much effort.

Professional organization of your storage space

Made of high-strength steel and industrial waterproof plywood (coated with a thermoplastic top layer), the sturdy and durable sliding tray can handle tough work challenges whether you use it on a construction site, in the forest or on an off-road expedition.

Load it with compressors, welders, tool boxes, you name it. Your load will slide right to you every time.

Easy to use

Easily slide up to 450 kg of equipment with one hand. Thanks to several stops, you can choose how far you want to extend the tray.

Always 100% functional

Sliding bearings prevent the loaded platform from binding when the vehicle is parked on a slope. Thanks to these bearings, the retractable tray slides out smoothly, regardless of how much torque you apply to it.

Safe load fixing

The perimeter of the sliding tray is equipped with internal and external channels for continuously adjustable places for fastening the load. Comes standard with four marine galvanized eyebolts.

Easy installation

The sliding tray is delivered pre-assembled. Just follow the instructions and have the basic tools ready – a drill, a few drill bits and a set of socket wrenches are all you need.


As a ready-made solution, we have available a retractable platform with a load capacity of 450 kg and an extension of 70%. If you are looking for a larger load option, click here – custom made.

70% extension, 450 kg surface load

  • Single hand control
  • 4 load stops
  • 4 tie downs are included
  • Full perimeter tie down trac


  • 190.5 mm plate height incl. tie down track
  • 102 mm height from the body of the pickup to the top of the sliding tray
  • 305 mm plate height incl. raised sides
  • 1,422 mm total length
  • 1,041 mm total width


  • 55 – 57 kg


  • the sliding tray 70% extension, 450 kg capacity is compatible with DECKED storage drawers

Custom production

Surface load up to 1,000 kg, extension up to 80 %

Do you have your own idea about how to make access to the truck bed easier? Do you need a higher payload? We also make custom-made sliding trays. It is up to you which load, extension length or accessories you choose.

Custom accessories

We can adapt the sliding tray to any type of vehicle. Before entering into production, we will agree on the method of anchoring, the type and number of anchor points. We can fit the sliding tray with an exchange system, see photos below.

In addition, it is possible to retrofit the retractable platform with other types of accessories, e.g. handles, protective frame, raised sides, rear end, etc. …

Load capacity up to 1,000 kg

You’ve paid extra for extra performance, you’ve bought the most powerful truck on the market, so don’t make any compromise!

Safety locks in 5 positions

Safety is on your side. The sliding tray can be locked in several positions and thus prevent the sliding tray from moving freely.

Extension up to 80 %

No stretching or climbing into the truck bed. Everything you carry with you will be within arm’s reach, at waist height.

Příslušenství na míru

Výsuvné plato je možné dovybavit dalším typem příslušenství, např. úchyty, ochranným rámem, zvýšenými bočnicemi, zadním čelem atp. …

Take a look at our latest work

Ready made vehicle storage drawers

We have expanded our offer with ready-made storage drawers for pickups and vans, which you can find in our online store.
The main advantages of ready-made drawers are speed and, above all, price.

Ready made vehicle storage drawers

We have expanded our offer with ready-made storage drawers for pickups and vans, which you can find in our online store.
The main advantages of ready-made drawers are speed and, above all, price.


Cargo slides are mainly intended for pickup trucks. Access to the truck bed tends to be the most common “issue” for pickup truck owners. Cargo slide solves this deficiency playfully. Another frequent use is in vans, where the cargo slide helps in handling heavier pieces of equipment such as compressors.

Cargo slides are suitable for anyone who carries work or leisure equipment in their vehicle and needs easier access to this equipment. The most frequent customers are craftsmen from various fields, firefighters or specialized police units.

We manufacture retractable plates to order. The load capacity can therefore be adapted to the customer’s requirements. The maximum load capacity we can offer is 1000 kg evenly distributed surface load.

80 %.

Yes. Vehicles with mounted cargo slides from us are approved for operation on roads. If you are interested, we will register the slides in vehicles technical licence.

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