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What makes storage drawers for vans better?


Weighing only 100-150 kg per system, storage drawers will not dramatically affect your van’s fuel consumption or payload capacity.


Storage drawers slide out your load of tools, equipment and other material right at waist height. Access to storage material is much easier.

Easy installation

Minimal drilling or other modifications. Most vans require no drilling to install the storage drawers.

Organized order

Get rid of the chaos and make it easier to access everything you need. Storage drawers make your work easier and make your life with the van more efficient.


Complete your system with original accessories. Locks, dividers, core trax, removable D-box or Crossbox cases are available. The system is also compatible with various tool boxes, organizers, etc. All accessories are sold separately.

Get inspired

Easy installation and removal

It’s not really a science. If you can handle a screwdriver and read picture instructions, installing storage drawers will be a playful warm-up for you. And if you need to remove the system, reverse disassembly is even easier. You can be done in half an hour!

Strength and durability

Your van will become your indispensable partner. The pull-out boxes are made of extremely durable high-density polyethylene HDPE, which is not for nothing nicknamed the “cockroach” among plastics. It is resistant to the effects of weather, extreme heat and frost. It survives even in the harshest conditions and won’t let you down.

Fits like a glove

Each drawer system is custom-made to exactly copy the side walls of the given type and model of van. And by the way – leave the drilling to your dentist. Most models do not require drilling. The storage drawers are attached using the factory anchor points.

Details that matter

Ammo cans in places in front of the wheel arches (and in American pickups also behind the wheel arches) form additional storage space. A bottle opener just in case you were thirsty 😊 A ruler with a unit converter can come in handy!

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