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Automatic rooftop ladder rack

ladder rack

clamping system

Automatic ladder rack

Makes it easier to handle the ladder on and off the roof of the vehicle

The automatic ladder rack enables safe and easy handling of the ladder stored on the roof of the van. Completely eliminates the need to climb onto the roof of the vehicle to store and secure ladders. Instead, they are attached and removed with minimal effort, safely, at ground level. The automatic ladder carrier is very easy to handle thanks to the gas piston lift.

Main advantages

  • Fully adjustable lifting and lowering with gas pistons
  • The rack can be easily adapted to any van and ladder type for optimal performance (detailed instructions for use are included)
  • Made of highly durable aluminum alloy with stainless steel components
  • Ultra low overall height, aerodynamic design and low driving noise
  • Lockable for greater protection against theft (padlock not included)
  • Brass bushings and fully sealed roller bearings create a super smooth and easy slide
  • Stops and clamping system included (*two with double ladder version, none with CAT ladder system)

Construction: the main structure is made of anodized aluminum alloy
Fittings: made of stainless steel
Anti-vibration assembly: gas filled nylon
Weight: 51.56 kg – 66.57 kg
Maximum load: 60 kg

  • Rack for one ladder
  • Rack for two ladders
  • Rack for extra wide ladder
  • Rack for double CAT ladder
  • 2 people
  • Wrench 13 mm
  • Allen key (supplied)
  • Meter
  • Thoroughly tested internally
  • Independently tested with 20 G crash test
  • TUV approved

Roof rack for ladders

Fast, safe and simple transport of ladders

The roof ladder rack offers an easy and ergonomic solution for loading and unloading ladders for commercial vehicles with low roofs. The ladder is handled safely from the back of the van.

Main advantages

  • Can accommodate up to 3 nested ladder sections
  • Made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum
  • Excellent ratio of low weight and high strength
  • Adjustable guides to accommodate different types of ladders
  • Adjustable strap and buckle for attaching the ladder at the back
  • 10 mm spanner
  • Wrench 13 mm
  • Allen key (included)
  • Ladder
  • Thoroughly tested internally
  • Independently tested with 20 G crash test

Ladder clamping system

Revolutionary ladder clamping system

Rhino’s clamping system combines strength, speed and style to offer a revolutionary solution for fastening ladders to the roof of a vehicle. The use of a composite beam structure and stainless steel anchor hook offers high strength and excellent corrosion resistance at the same time. The innovative one-touch clamping method guarantees that the operation is five times faster than when using traditional screw ladder clamps.

Main advantages

  • Made of durable composite materials
  • 5× faster clamping than with standard ladder clamps
  • Holds up to 3 nested ladder sections
  • Excellent corrosion resistence
  • Built-in locks for added security
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Length: 455 mm
  • Width: 50 mm
  • Height: 405 mm (incl. hook)
  • Not required, easy installation in 2 minutes
  • Thoroughly tested internally
  • Independently tested with 20 G crash test
  • TUV approved

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